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Liz is a resident of Lady Bay and has taught Fine Art and Art Textiles in Nottingham and London. She returned to her own work when her children started school.

She has a degree in Textile Design from the University of Leeds (B.A Hons. Textile Design and PG ATC Post Graduate Art Teacher Certificate).

Liz now produces pictures using Merino Wool and Silk fibres felted together. Her aim is to combine her Fine Art skills with Textiles to bridge the gap between the two practices.

Using mainly Merino wool and silk fibres with a selection of fibres from various sheep breeds
Liz creates pictures that have detail along with the textural qualities of the individual fibres. She can immerse herself in detail or allow the fibres to ‘ do their own thing ‘ and embrace the unpredictable nature of the final piece. All her work is produced entirely using the ‘wet felting ‘method.

Liz is passionate about colour and always finds herself drawn into vibrant colour to create a vivid sense of reality and mood. She sometimes even dyes her own fibres using acid dyes if she requires a particular shade or blend of colours!

Liz would love to say she only uses wool from Native breeds but unfortunately some of that wool is too coarse for felting. She does use Native breeds wherever possible however.

Being a’ Yorkshire Lass ‘ Liz finds much of her work is based around that region and each visit to the homeland involves researching and finding inspiration for her next pieces of work.



Photograph © Brenda Baxter

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